Enter Hackster Competition & win a free trip to Maker Faire

Hello fellow Snipsters! If you are not already aware, Snips is hosting a contest along with Seeed Studio on Hackster.io. The contest encourages anyone with a Raspberry Pi, Seeed ReSpeaker, and an interest in building private-by-design voice assistants with Snips to submit your Smart Home hacks. The free hardware submission period has ended, but you can still purchase a Voice Interaction Dev Kit or work with the aforementioned hardware components to submit a project. Winners will receive (1) a free all-expenses paid trip to Maker Faire Paris, New York, or Shenzhen to showcase their winning project; (2) a new Macbook Pro 13"; or (3) a $500 gift card to Seeed. All the details are here, make sure to take a look at the “Apply for Hardware” tab to see the very cool ideas submitted from around the world!

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And the Winner is …

to be announced on the 3rd of May.


The contest has now concluded, we were a little late to select a winner because there were so many creative projects entered! You can see the full list of winning projects right here: https://www.hackster.io/contests/building-for-voice

SAFE… what a great entry… well deserved winner !!!

BUT call BS!!! YogaAi …WTF

rules say

  • Your project must be created using a Raspberry Pi and Seeed ReSpeaker.
  • Your project must be published using the Snips Console.

does not use a Respeaker… project is no published to the Snips console
The code does not even work

It seems the “Snips” part of this project is just a BLURB… a small addition of information written which they even use the wording “We are planning for our snips application”… Its only a Plan

Hi @ozie we appreciate your comments about the winning projects in our Hackster competition. You are right that YogAI did not strictly follow the rules we set at the outset of the competition regarding use of a Seeed ReSpeaker. In context to this point, we did follow up with individual participants in the competition who were having trouble ordering the hardware from the Seeed studio store, and made exceptions for these teams as they would not receive the hardware in time for the submission deadline due to no fault of their own, but rather because the Seeed store was malfunctioning. We did not want this to prevent teams from participating, and as you can see, the project benefited from a great deal of creative thinking and great documentation without the need for this additional piece of hardware.

In general, this was our first contest we’ve hosted with Hackster, and it was an all-around learning experience for our team and partners. We were greatly impressed with the quality and diversity of projects using Snips that were submitted, as well as the ambition of newbies and advanced developers to try out our voice platform. The main purposes of such a contest is not to award prizes or doll out accolades, but to give people an inviting, supportive environment in which to test new technologies. We certainly did not execute perfectly, as you’ve pointed out, and we appreciate your feedback greatly. We will learn from it for the future and we hope you will be able to participate in our contests and show your skills going forward.

Wouldn’t hold your breath on that one. I am still pissed with Hackster, and as much as I understand Snips using the competition to get the product out there, a competition is just that, a competition. Why bother entering a future competition when entries are awarded which didn’t follow the rules that everyone else abided by? Undermines all the other great entries that did. Slapping a “Snips” sticker to the side of a project and adding a few lines about snip, how could I compete with that.

As to Seeed store having a problem, this project was submitted Feb 5th. I doubt the Seeed store had a problem since Feb 5th.

2nd place did not abide by

  • Your project must be published using the Snips Console.
  • Your project must be voice-controlled.
  • Include working code
  • Your project must be created using a Raspberry Pi and Seeed ReSpeaker
  • Snips AI Voice Platform - is not even listed in the required software for things used in the project

Under the Judging criteria how did this project even gain enough points to be even considered?