Forum notifications


When I click my profile icon on the top right corner, it shows me my notifications. Thats cool, but it should hide notifications I already read. Just makes it look more clean and you can faster see whats important. When I want to see a older notification I can go into the profile and still check them there. :smiley:


The unread ones are highlighted. The others are white and have to stay there as a many work on different computers and re read the messages from different machine. Makes it way faster


yeah still would love a function that allows me to hide them or even delete them. Does not mean everyone has to actually use it then :wink:
Btw why do I need the messages again in this list when I work on different machines? At least I do not re read all messages when I swap my pc.
Well guess I am just a fan of just hiding my stuff that I currently don´t need :sweat_smile:


I do read at work, think of solutions and might only answer when getting back from work or later :slight_smile:


Yeah did not say to delete them. They would be still in the menue. Although I have no clue how much they can do in the software since it appears to be 3rd party software for the forum.
Thats also why they don not have the same accounts for forum and console :wink: