From day -10 to 1


Yes, I cheated a little tbh, I already thought the thing out a little.then thought about the whole process sharing and and and… So let’s resume these days…

My idea is to make an automated barman powered by Snips. Not these fancy Japanese robot barmen thingy that look awesome and are so star wars, but something on my reach, on the reach of everybody.

So, let’s pack 6 bottles of syrop… Ok, apply this to spirits if you want, but I rather speak of syrops only here, but the principle would be the same. Have them upside down and find a way to poor a sip of one of them into a glass, automatically, and have it water added to it. Oh, and glasses should be automatically fed to the machine as well.

I want the machine to understand what I want to drink and have a default measurement if not user specified. But I want the user to be able to ask for a double strawberry syrop, or a 3dl lime syrop and even a lime and raspberry syrop!

I want the glasses to be fed automatically, so let’s take some light reusable environement friendly cups. I want to machine to be able to make a few syrops without the user to unload the previous ones, what more annoying when you call for a coffe for both you and your wife, from your bed? Putting the cups under and taking them away…

So, I imagine a machine that can hold 6 bottle, upside down, on a circle, let’s see about 150mm in diameter. These circle of bottle would be set in movement by a stepper motor. So when the user asks for a specific syrop, the bottles would rotate to a 6 o’clock position where the glass would be waiting… So how do we handle that glass then…

I see another carousel, a bit excentered, also rotating that would bring the glasses under the 6 o’clock bottle.

We need water, so I thought about one of those big water bottles, those 5 liters ones, place in the center of the 6 syrop bottles, upside down. I see an electrovalve to open close the water flux that goes through the carousel center to finish in the glass. Well, that’s already 2 steppers, an electrovalve, a couple of proximity sensor, maybe a coder, so the machines knows, at anytime, what bottle it has where? Well, a proximity sensor can do it imo. A raspberry of course, with a respeaker 2 of course, somesound output. And a lot of 3d printing! Oh, and maybe an arduino also, for the steppers? Hey, I can visualize it in my head, the whole thing, I need to sketch it, but that for another topic!


Great project !

How do you manage to know witch glass need this sirop when you feed multiple glasses ? By coding or hardware thing ?


My idea is to have the glasses fed on a 60° basis, first one at 0°, on a rotating carousel. So a glass is fed, travels to 6 o’clock, is given the sirop(s) and water. If more than one is ordered, the carousel will travel back to i (glass number) * 60° and a new glass will be fed. The maximum glasses on the machine is therefor 6

Maybe having a proxi sensor under the carousel is a good idea. Or a light barrier in case of power outage and reboot, so I can rotate the carousel a full rotation and count the glasses already on place