Getting errors with the snips 0.60.12, analytics server and audio servers are not running after installing the assistant



analytics are down for everybody (afaik) that’s no problem.

audio-server should be running - but it is not running when there is no speaker connected!
sam service log snips-audio-server
for a detailed log about the error with it


I had already connected the speaker. sometimes the audio server is running. Most of the time it’s not running.


You can use the sudo sam init command If all services are not running


I was tried the “sudo sam init”, but this command is not working.


As you are using Windows use “sam init” after login to your Pi


These are the following commands I was using:
sam login
sam init
sam install assistasnt


You are doing in wrong way

  1. “sam login” is used for login into your snips concole
  2. “sam connect IP address of your Pi” enter pi username and psw
  3. sam init


Are you able to fix that. Please let me know


no. I have just updated my snips 0.49 to 0.50. getting errors while running the “sam init” command


After running command sam connect ip address of your Pi have you got any message like a public key has been generated and copied to the device (RPi)


yes. These are the errors I had got.


Which NodeJS version you are using. Check using node -v and npm -v in terminal


node -v 8.6.0

npm -v 5.3.0


Update your NodeJS and npm. Your npm version is low


Are you able to fix that