Give permission

I was wondering if there is any way to give permissions to a python class and then execute it when installing it in the physical device (for example, that those permission were given in the or in the requirement.txt, …)

Auto executing code after download? Have a shell script download your script, chmod +x it if needed and execute it. If that’s what you are looking for, I do this to install latest github releases

More or less is what I want, because my problem is that I have to initialize variables from other libraries and these are the ones that do not finish the execution.
Still, is not there some way to do it using sam?

Sam does Snips stuff. Permissions is not Snips stuff. Snips has a user _snips . It can download, install and run skills from the snips plateform. Without more info I cannot help you more on this.

Well my goal is that after every installation using sam I have to get into my rapsberri and give it permission and execute it (since I have certain imported classes and I need them to run to initialize certain variables)