Google ASR with Snips 0.64


Can somebody help me with configuring Google ASR? I follow manual on this page link but it doesn’t work. I’m using Raspberry Pi 4 with Raspbian Buster and Snips version 0.64.

Snips react to wake work, but then in sam watch I get following output:
[Dialogue] session with id '9a72d964-6dba-4ddb-833b-90cdfa42f8c4' was ended on site default. The session timed out because the ASR component did not respond in a timely manner. Please ensure that the Asr is started and running correctly.


as per here Platform Update 1.3.0 (0.64.0) - 02/10/2019

Known issues

  • snips-asr-google: [Won’t fix] snips-asr-google does not work anymore (crashes, hangs). #90

Damn… is there any workaround? Like some custom ASR or Snips downgrade?