Having a hard time visualizing how to accomplish my objective: making a discord bot


Hey, friend. I have a little project I started in api.ai/dialogflow where I, using a little ruby program, collected text requests from a discord server, sent them off to api.ai, and returned the conversation results back to discord. I’ve also set up a music player intent, though with no way to fulfill it yet.

Now that I know about snips, I would really like to do this here and use my own server instead! However, I’m just not seeing how I go about this. Everything looks like it’s built to only support a little dedicated pi-like device as opposed to a big server running many things. I don’t want it to take input from a mic, but rather from, say, a voice channel it joins when requested to do so via text. I want to be able to play music from my funkwhale server in the voice channels. There’s all these things I want to bring together, but I am not visualizing how to do this, at all.

Should I keep my little middleman application or try to call the discord api directly? If I keep it, how do I pass information between the two? I’ve never worked in python before, is that the only language I can use?