Help Me Please!


I have set up my RaspBerry Pi -3 and am communicating with it using SSH and Putty terminal…I am following the manual setup directions and everything has worked until I got to these commands:

sudo apt-get install -y snips-platform-voice

sudo apt-get install -y snips-template snips-skill-server
Then the return is that “file not found” Help Please???


Can we see the full console output?

pi@raspberrypisnips: ‘’ $ sudo  apt-get  install  -y snips-platform-voice

Reading package lists…Done

Building dependency tree

Reading state information…Done

E: Unable to locate package snips-platform-voice

Please format your log posting. I did it for you this time. Use triple quotes or the code button for that

The package is not found. Did you add the key and sudo apt-get update as described in the documentation?


Yes I did! All the previous steps appeared to be successful…


Then most probably you skipped adding the package repository. Or maybe a typo somewhere. Do you get an error with apt update? Please review the steps.


Thanks! I will go back over that again!


I can tell you it’s important, my Snips seemed out of order just because I forgot to change a single line at one step…