Help with intent synonyms python code

I am trying to make an app that will connect to the HomeAssistant Rest API (not legacy http api). I know how to make the calls and everything… I am having trouble surfacing the the intent value. For some reason I am getting the intent synonym. Any Idea how to get the real value?

the slot for “state” has 3 values
query (synonyms are,is)
on (synonyms turn on)
off (synonyms turn off)

 if len(intentMessage.slots.state) > 0:
    myState = intentMessage.slots.state.first().value
 if len(intentMessage.slots.device_name) > 0:
    myDeviceId = intentMessage.slots.device_name.first().value

print myState
print myDeviceId

in the case of triggering the intent are the lights turned on

myState should be query
myDeviceId should be group.all_lights

but instead I am getting myState = are and myDeviceId = all lights

what am I missing and how can I get the real value when leveraging synonyms? As a workaround I can hardcode some if’s but i’d prefer to find a solution.


is it intentMessage.slots.state.first().value.value

I am gonna be really mad if it is lol. I will try