Home Automation Project with RPi 4 & Snips & Logitech Harmony Hub

I am planning an home automation project with snips. Before starting and buying the wrong stuff, I like to share my plans and hope somebody comments if I got the things right :wink:


  • Rpi 4
  • ReSpeaker USB Mic Array
  • Speaker
  • ConBee II (zigbee usb gateway)

Here I have a question:
Do I need OpenHab to send commands to my other devices? Or is Home Assistant a better solution?

Devices to control
I will start with a Logitech Harmony Hub to make my old technics receiver smart and also control my Samsung TV.
I also own a Fire TV 4k Stick. Can I send voice commands with snips to the firetv or do some kind of conversion to Alexa?
My focus is on privacy :wink:
In the future I like to add Zigbee devices, is ConBee II the kind of Hardware I need to connect to e.g. LED lights?

OpenHAB and HomeAssistant will both work I think. I am a little bit biased towards towards openHAB as I have been using it for quite some time and I’m really happy with it. There is also Fhem or iobroker and many others so it’s really up to your personal preference.
I know that openHAB has a deconz binding that works with the conbee stick and quite a few people use it. There is also a skill to connect to openHAB in the snips skill store or there are quite a few tutorials about how to use snips and openHAB over Mqtt on the openHAB Forum.
The Respeaker 4 mic is a very good microphone and a good choice.
The only thing to be aware of is the pi 4/buster is not officially supported by snips yet and you need to use a work around to install it and the pi 4 doesn’t support usb booting yet but that should come in a future update. But the especially the extra ram compared to a pi 3 is useful when running both on the same pi as openHAB can be quite memory hungry.
Last but not least be aware that snips was purchased by Sonos a few weeks ago so nobody here knows how much longer makers like us will be supported or even have access to snips as Sonos hasn’t answered those questions yet.

I use Openhab2 on a Pi 4 with a Raspberry pi3 for the Snips.ai,. Seeed Respeaker Mic Array Version 2 and (trying) a Pi Zero for a mic addition.
I believe Snips does not work ‘Out of the box’ on raspberry Pi4 yet , so I bought a Pi 3 for Snips and link them using MQTT / WiFi.

It has been a steep learning curve this past 12 weeks for me but I am nearly there. I can highly recommend the Snips App from JGKK (above) to get you started.
From scratch it can seem daunting and frustrating at times. but it is well worth the satisfaction when you can call “Hey Snips” and your lights and power do your bidding.
It is also VERY satisfying to know YOUR info is yours alone, and never leaves your Home.
Privacy is everything.
I wish you well.