House room in the intents



I’ve just customized the content of the slot house room of one of my intent, and I thought the changes to the content would be duplicated to the other occurrences of house room in the other intents.
I suppose it’s done on purpose, so what should be the best way to apply the changes to all the same slots of my intents ?
Export the slot, then modify it and import it to everywhere we want ?
Or another way I missed ?


The slot goes accross all intent, it’s not intent specific


Are you sure ?
I have just modified the slot house_room of one of my intents and the modifications do not appear in the slot house_room of he other intents.
Shall I do something for this ? Retrain the assistant or something ?


I suspect there’s some confusion between Slot Types and Slots here, so let’s try to clarify that to begin with.
Slot types are essentially list of values we want to be recognizable in our intents. They are re-used throughout your account, so when you update a slot type it’s updated in every intent that uses it. Slot Types are set on the Slots in your intents. Slots also contain other configuration, such as whether the slot is required in this intent. Slots are not reused on your account, but created specifically for each intent.
To further clarify the difference between Slots and Slot Types: An intent can have multiple Slots using the same Slot Type. For example you can have the slots departureCity and arrivalCity that both used the same city Slot Type.

@Bonson - if you want to re-use the Slots you define as part of an intent you will need to export and import them. For Slot Types however you don’t have to do anything special as they are made for re-use.

Is that clear?


Cristal clear ! Thank you @pocketjoso !