How can get start with respeaker core


hello all.
I try make a assistance by respeaker coer board, but there are several trouble

  1. I can not install software

    opkg update

opkg install git git-http
  1. how can i add code to programming this board (use Python).

thank to support and sorry about my English.


Did you mean dpkg? opkg is for embedded Linux devices.

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T think it can work on Respeaker core
I make step by step Getting started!

I can not finish 5th and 6th prepare step



Are you running Raspbian?

For step 5 try this instead

sudo apt update

sudo apt install git git-http

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so tired!!!
I have brought one of this Respeaker core module . But there are no video tutorial how to get started with it.

Sound stupid, I can programing with C++, Javascript but I don’t know about Python .

I just try an example like Playmusic or Snowboy but I can’t run at all, no install, no update… (connect with Windows PC by Putty)

Please!! Let me Know . How can I do??




I struggle to understand what you want to achieve here.

Did you followed the respeaker core v2 configuration documentation?

The snips package are distributed as debian packages so you need to use apt.