How can i completely remove snips?


Hello I’d like to completly remove snips from my raspberry, for a complete fresh install.

How can i achieve this?

I tried by “rm /var/lib/snips -rf” but thats not apparently not enough.


if the only thing you have on the RPi is snips and nothing else you could just format the SD Card


apt-get uninstall all the snips items
then there are lots of folders that also need removing like all the assistant folders
its not simple


Formatting SD isn’t an option.

Sadly it is not clear what sam init does, so it is almost impossible to revert the steps.

In my opinion, every installer should come with an uninstall option. I really don’t get it, why a product/company, that speaks all the time about privacy, makes it so hard to remove.

(Just to clarify: i love the product. I just want to start over from a completely fresh installation.)

@ozie: I’m asking here because I found out that it is not simple :slight_smile: I actually need a list of all the things to remove. Or a simple “sam uninstall”


You’ll find all what sam init does :




@fighterii, connect to your vm and run the following:

sudo apt-get purge snips-platform-voice
sudo apt-get purge snips-platform-demo
sudo apt-get purge snips-tts
sudo apt-get purge snips-maker-tts
sudo apt-get purge snips-watch
sudo apt-get purge snips-template
sudo apt-get purge snips-skill-server
sudo rm -rf /usr/share/snips
sudo rm -rf /var/lib/snips
sudo userdel _snips
sudo userdel _snips-skills

depending of what you have installed some of the above may returns error :wink: