How delete intents published in the store

I can not delete some of my intents because during the erasure, it is impossible and I have this info “you can not delete an intent that has been published in the store”, is there a way to proceed to erase them anyway, so that they do not show up in my intentions and I can use the same name of intent ?? Since I do not publish any more wizard in the store to avoid this problem but I think it’s a shame for the community Snips.
There is the solution to recreate a new Snips account and no longer use the old one, but this solution does not seem too logical.
Do you have any solutions???

Unpublish the skill, remove the intent, republish the skill

I have No Assistants in “My Apps” i have 3 Apps alls unpublished and that i can’t delete them
In My Intents i have 27 Intents that i can’t delete
And in My Slot Types i have 32 Intents that i cant delete…
Can you tell what you want to say, when you say “Unpublish the skill, remove the intent, republish the skill”?? is there unpublish from the store or unpublish from the installation on my raspberry???
this confusion would be the cause of my worries … I think no, but I would like to find a completely clean account, before recreating a perfectly clean assistant from the Mysql database, directly create to from the extraction of my instalation in KNX … Thank you for your help …

You need to unpublish your skill from the store so you can remove the intents and if needed republish it after

How can I cancel a publication of my skills in the store while they are already marking as unpublished ???
Herewith the copy of my console Snips …
I miss something but I really do not see what ???

Could this be related to the fact that my Apps have been taken over by other Snips users ???

Can anyone put me on a track, other than recreating a new snips account so that my account becomes virgin again

Unfortunately what @Psycho said is not correct.

Currently the rule is just as the UI says - you can not delete an intent that has been published in the store. There is no way to work around this. I understand that it can be frustrating in your situation. For context the restriction is there to guarantee that someone’s assistant, using public apps, will continue to work, regardless of what the public app developer decides to do later.

What we have discussed internally at Snips and might add in the future would be a way to ~hide such resources that you are no longer interested in, but we have not yet started any such work.

Thank you for this accurate and quick answer … I will adapt my development accordingly.

My bad, sorry to have led you to a wrong direction. Thought it was that way

No problem it does not matter …

A user may want to delete an intent for privacy reasons - perhaps some example sentences were taken from actual data and contained sensitive information. Under the GDPR a user should have that ability.

That’s right, in this situation the user can reach out to us and we will take care of the situation manually.