How to generate message for My chatbot [Snips-NLG]

Hey there;
I’m new to snips. I have done the snips-NLU part. I want to create a chatbot. What’s next? How can I create the NLG part to return a meaningful message to the user?

This is something I have been considering as well. To my knowledge, the way to do this would be to have a script that catches any intents not understood, and send that to a chatbot. The chatbot unfortunately would be separate from the snips code. But would take in the information.

For instance:

User asks snips: “how was your day?”
Snips processes this and can not find a valid intent.
The catch all script picks that up, passes it to the chatbot via api or whatever.
Chatbot responds to snips with a message saying “i am fine” or whatever the chatbot is feeling.
The script then takes that text and tells snips to convert that back to voice and say the message.

From what I have seen, @Psycho probably has a much more accurate answer than I on this.

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appreciate But Do you recommend any chatbot platform who can utter the intent and respond. (like RASA-core but rasa core isn’t compatible with it).

who says? everything is compatible just not everything is OOTB ready… you would have to do some coding but you would have to do that anyway with any software out there

snips uses MQTT, so your code just needs to listen and transmit via MQTT and things would work fine

unfortunately I have not found much for chat bots that i would consider at this point. I have registered and tried a bunch and the chat skills are WEAK at best. So my search continues. I was looking for something with very basic conversational type skills, not really something I am needing, but was looking for to add some personality to the HA assistant for my kids. It has been lacking so far though.