How to install sam command line easily on windows 8 or 8.1

i want to know the complete installation of assistant using SAM in windows or raspberry pi

Have you even checked and

The manual is pretty clear and easy to understand. Of course first you would need to install Node.JS, also on Windows, since that is required by sam. Go here and install it, then follow the above tutorials / manuals.

But i want to know how can i install sam on windows i have installed node js plz guide me in steps thanks sir

Its in the links I posted.

I have installed node js but i dont know how to install snap could you guide in brief thansk

Thanks a lot i got sam now can i run snips on jupter notebook

hello sir i got sam on windows now when i login and try to run cde sam install assistant it says no credential found

Please, for the love of god, follow the instructions here :slight_smile:

Yes i followed all instrcution can snips assistant be install on windows python wihout rapserry pi

Short answer is no.

Snips Platform does not run on windows at the moment.

You can run it on a linux such as Ubuntu 18.04 tough.

Check our documentation