How to let Snips recognize free text?

Hi, i want to let Snips to recognize any free words like generic ASR could do without specifying all possible phrases in the training examples. Is it possible to do it while still in offline mode? Can I inject some sort of other ASR into Snips and trigger dictation ASR at some point? thanks

Edit: If using Google ASR instead of snips asr for part of the dialogue, can I do it with Javascript? I saw @Psycho did the switch between snips-asr and google-asr with python, but how to do it with javascript? thanks!

You can retry snips-asr-google, it seems that it is working again on my side.

But you need to choose between snips-asr-google or snips-asr, not both at the same time.

Yes you can. You need to let Snips asr capture and determine if the capture contains unknown words or if the confidence score is too low, in which case you can issue system commands to stop snips asr, run google asr. At that point, you need to inject, or ask google asr to work on what failed on snips asr. That means that you should keep a temp audio file after each turn, that is a dump of what was asked so you can feed it to google asr in case needed. If I can do it in python, there’s no reason you can’t do it in javascript

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I meant you can’t without hacking :wink:

Forget about snips-asr-google, it is now totally incompatible with google protocol.

Check and

Thanks so much for replying! I will try it

Could you be more specific? Do you mean snips-asr-google is no longer working?

Yes, not anymore. Sorry if it was unclear.

That’s fine. Thanks! And does it mean @Psycho 's switch between snips-asr and google-asr is also not working either? Since he uses snips-asr-google in it. thx

You now have to implement your own google asr service. For an exemple how to, you can check here:

oh i see. thx!..