How to set up Snipsdocker?


Hello everyone,

I am trying to use the snipsdocker from docker hub on my homemade NAS (Debian, AMD64).
My idea was to use my NAS as Snips base (maybe with a ps3 mic), since it is already running 24/7 and use some pi zero as satelites. (For my home automation system I am already using Mosquitto docker.)

I was looking in the forum and also found some information.
But, to be honest, I am not really a pro in using docker and of course I am having some issues. :smiley:

May some tell me wich folders / ports I have to map. (I guess there may be a problem with port 1883, since I already use it for Mosquitto.

Thank you and kind regards


is there someone who can help me?


Did you manage to succesfully install Snips in your NAS within Docker? Trying to do the same but there is basically no documentation :frowning:


No, I sadly gave up on snips docker and installed it on a RPI3.