Hue skill forgets connection


Hey there,

I’m trying to use the Hue skill to turn my lights on and off, however, I noticed that when setting up it doesn’t ask you to press the button on the Hue bridge which is necessary in order to connect to the bridge.
It also seems to not store and use the app key (that afaik you should receive when you register the app with the bridge) which means on every restart I have to reconnect the bridge.
I assume that this has to be fixed in the snips skill but if there’s something I can try, I’m thankful for any suggestions!



I had the same problem and opened this issue:

I tracked down the error:

  • the skill reads the normal configuration file at startup
  • the skill saves the API key after establishing a connection to the cache config
    (When you start the skill server by yourself you see the message when you can establish the connection)
  • the skill does not read the cache config

My workaround for now was adding the API key to the secret section of the normal skill config file (I established connection via skill and read the key from the cache file or console)

When I have more time I plan on coding a pull request, where I either read the api key from the cache config (preferred) or write to the standard config


Thank you for the quick reply and for figuring out what causes the issue :slight_smile:
Could you tell me where I can find the cache file?
I’ve checked /var/lib/snips/skills/snips-skill-hue-pro but I could only find the config.ini


It’s within the (hiddenin) folder