[idea] set up a satellite without audio-hardware by using voip or a sip phone


i had an idea these days, that unfortunatly i’m unable to setup or make it work — even after trying for several hours.
the basic idea is to use voip as audio input and output for snips. i got baresip to work on a fresh rpi zero, hooked it up to a voip-line on my fritz-box and am basically able to call my rpi zero via a phone line.

although baresip is able to connect to the alsa audio-interface, i did not suceed to configure alsa or the rpi audio setup to make the snips audio server use the phone line as audio input and output.

may be sombody else with more profound alsa-knowledge can figure this out. i know it’s rather a gimmicky idea, but i thought it would be fun to setup an old phone, that automaticallly dials the voip ip number, connects to snips which then asks: „yes?“ (picking up the phone could be an aquivalent to uttering the hotword) and lets the ASR listen.

this could also be used for out-of-house remote control of home automation integrated into a snips-setup. and moreover, it would basicaly enable people to set up a satellite, without audio hardware. with some configuration, sending tts messages to that satellite could even trigger the phone to ring.


just an idea (I’m away from home, so no testing), did you test it with pulseAudio :


Maybe you can bridge the baresip sound into the pulse micro


had some progress by following another path:

this guy uses linphone-python and by tinkering and adding to his python code

i got as far as auto-answering a call, playing a wav („how can i help you?“) and recording the call to a wav. i got stuck again, while trying to feed the audio to snips. neither broadcasting chunks via the mqtt bus, nor nc-ing the wav via the „using-a-non-standard-mic“-trick worked. may-be it’s a bug, may-be it’s my stupitity.


I stumble on this while doing sor research :
As I understood : Phones on which you can install Sailfish OS may become a Snips Satellite. Apart from the Jolla & Xperia models, I’m not sure of the whole compatibility constraints as to which old phone are compatible for such a use.

Recycling an old phone would be great : Really small & compact, low energy, a screen to display info, buttons to interact -> perfect for domotic uses. A second life for an old device taking dust in one of your drawers…


yeah, saw that, too. never heard of sailfish before, it would be great to see something like this done on a more broadly used platform like android.

oh, there is (doesn’t work as a true satellite, though):