Important message regarding the Snips Console

So what are the future options for developers to continue their projects with Snips, if the online console gets shut down? Or does this mean it will not be possible to create new apps in the future?

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That’s so sad to see how you dropped your whole community which helped snips significantly to get to the point where it is now.
Just another case where souls have been sold by money.
And of course you always liked to call it ‘open source’…

Snips you are a snitch!


Very, very disappointing!
But it is in Line with my previous experience with SONOS. They do not give a f*** about community, freedom or open source.
I advice all my friends never to buy any product of that company again!



It’s very sad to listen it but there is few month I was thinking about this kind of news because no effort in documentation but website are improved with New design and why have we have to use the console.
I Will sign the petition but to my mind we have to move to another projet, maybe Mycroft ?

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The saddest news I have read today :cry:


That can’t be!:sob::sob::sob:
I‘m so sad…

An ass kick for the Community members as a thanks for testing and bug-finding?

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I don’t unterstand why you do this! I love Snips and I enjoy to build my own Voiceassistant which controls my lights, etc. And now I won’t be able to build new apps or edit my apps, that’s terrible. I’m really disappointed!
Thank you SONOS for buying Snips!

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They sure did… POOF… its all gone… the fact it was always advertised as being open source, and yet was never fully open from the beginning to developers and makers for all snips components always seemed off, and now its proof why (to be sold).

Sono have done little for their current developers so i highly doubt they care to open source it for makers… Sonos bought Snips to better their own competition, so why would they open it for others to be equal to themselves (that does not help their bottom line for profit)


A real shame and pity for so much valuable users who push the boundaries of this solution.

I will never buy anything from sonos. Thanks to show everyone what this company is really.


I’m new here but actively following this project for years already. I finally got ready to buy some hardware and was planning to soon start with Snips, now this!

I can understand it:

  • Sonos bought Snips to exclusively use it
  • Sonos wants you to buy there products and not to build your own
  • Sonos is not a very user-friendly or privacy friendly company

That is why they take Snips away. They bought it, and they don’t give a *** for the community, the same as the force everyone of their customers to create an account for using the bought products in the future. I guess there is no future for a community around Snips.

Sonos, your behavior is exactly why I went for another Audio system. One with a very open API, one which doesn’t force you to have an account. In short - I don’t like you as a company and it seems you don’t like an open community around your products.

I guess it’s time to wipe our tears from the face and jump off this sinking ship!

To all the Snips team - you created an amazing project - unfortunately you sold yourself and your ideals at the end. Really, what a shame!

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Ah, it’s all so clear now.
The half completed documents, “supported” platforms that weren’t really supported.
Do just enough to sell the company

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A few months ago a delegation of the German government was in Paris to visit Snips for a European AI strategy. Was probably nothing.

Switching off the console is a slap in the face for the whole community. Simply sad, what has been built up over the years and is no longer possible.

To bring this news out a little earlier wouldn’t have hurt either. Now we have to look unfortunately for an alternative

Are my personell informations (like email adress, etc.) sold to Sonos as well??

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Yeah this is utter rubbish. Build a community to get a following so you can cash in and f them over.

How the times have changed:

Our goal was always to do a public sale, but despite 70% of our buyers being developers, it became clear that if we were to achieve our overly-ambitious sale goals, we would need to do a private sale with big buyers and funds. But given the market, the rare people willing to cut million-dollar checks were “pump-and-dumpers”. This felt terribly wrong to us, as it went against all our ethical principles. We tried hard to pitch a long term vision, but alas, it was a moot point. We therefore decided to give up on doing a private sale, and stayed true to our values and community instead.

Emphasis mine. I guess they decided not to stay true to their values and community when a truckload of cash lurched into view.


Simple question, what NXP going to do with the project they announced last month about in a partnership with snips

I can’t find informations about that yet


@Val. Can you now provide a tool to completely remove SNIPS from our raspberry pis then? You’ve never bothered in the past but seeing as you’ve dump us like a proverbial sack, it would nice if I didn’t have to rebuild every single Pi I have your software on. And clearly it’s your software - so a uninstaller is the very least you can do for us.


@wiz you can follow the instruction here -> How can i completely remove snips?

This is also something confusing:


Maybe they keep the console open for Snips Flow clients?