Important message regarding the Snips Console

Are my personell informations (like email adress, etc.) sold to Sonos as well??


Yeah this is utter rubbish. Build a community to get a following so you can cash in and f them over.

How the times have changed:

Our goal was always to do a public sale, but despite 70% of our buyers being developers, it became clear that if we were to achieve our overly-ambitious sale goals, we would need to do a private sale with big buyers and funds. But given the market, the rare people willing to cut million-dollar checks were “pump-and-dumpers”. This felt terribly wrong to us, as it went against all our ethical principles. We tried hard to pitch a long term vision, but alas, it was a moot point. We therefore decided to give up on doing a private sale, and stayed true to our values and community instead.

Emphasis mine. I guess they decided not to stay true to their values and community when a truckload of cash lurched into view.


Simple question, what NXP going to do with the project they announced last month about in a partnership with snips

I can’t find informations about that yet


@Val. Can you now provide a tool to completely remove SNIPS from our raspberry pis then? You’ve never bothered in the past but seeing as you’ve dump us like a proverbial sack, it would nice if I didn’t have to rebuild every single Pi I have your software on. And clearly it’s your software - so a uninstaller is the very least you can do for us.


@wiz you can follow the instruction here -> How can i completely remove snips?

This is also something confusing:



Maybe they keep the console open for Snips Flow clients?

It would we very nice to get a clear answer to all the open questions that popped up. Will it be possible for us to use Snips in the future? Does creating assistants just get harder and not GUI controlled or will creating assistants not be possible in the future? Will we still be able to install Snips and get updates in the future or are we just pushed aside, now that Sonos is in control?

Is this sentence just a plain lie or will the Snips community be able to personalize the assistants in Snips. Or will they not be able to use Snips at all?


Is there no option that we can continue to use the platform(console)? With monthly fees or something??

I think it’s terrible that you close the public use of the playform in such a short time! Unprofessional an not
At least you should offer a possibility for those who have already started a project! People have invested a lot of money and time in their projects! Outrageous!


We added an export feature to the console, that you can use to download all your console resources. I explained where you can find it and what it contains here:

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@snips :

You could have the honesty to say : we only want to make money, nothing else matters.

Always better to be honest instead of serving this bullshit post.

Tip : do not forget to remove that from your website :


before litigation. Litigation costs a lot, more than the community work !

@sad users : what about helping rhasspy continue to build a fully open-source alternative ?


:raised_hand:Im really sad about the news, becuase i got to know snips about a year ago, but i never had the time to try it out. Now i got it and read that you can only login with an existing account until january​:sob:. I havent got an account and wanted to ask if somebody could give me his account so that i can make the same unbelievable experience about an offline voice assistant​:point_up:. I can understand if someone wont give me his account, because he or she doesn’t trust me and i cant do anything against that except saying that i only want to try it out and not causing any trouble. :v:

I don’t understand the point of trying a system that will be closed in less than two months. As awesome as Snips is, it seems better to use your time in exploring alternatives.

I am also very very very sad about this announcement… I published 3 german apps the last year (timer, translate and volume controll) and all this work of course can remain on my raspi but I can’t continue to develop this anymore… and I had sooo many more ideas I wanted to develop…

But … we will also loose eachother here… now before we just chat about that this is bad and we are all totally pssd off… question?
how can we reunite and start a new community or join a community?

I am a professional frontend web developer (and a total newbe in python) and happy to join a new team where we build a new Console…
What’s the plan? Shall we spread out and all try different projects or shall we remain part of a community? Is there a channel were we cann all join and discuss from somewhere else what we want to do?

just thinking loud… we can even make this better then snips did…

(btw I tried a zillion times to join this forum and it didnt work but today it did… yäy)

There are two problems in my opinion :

  • the console, basically a frontend for the nlu. The snips-nlu is opensource, so this can be forked, developed, and integrated with other projects. The drawback is that the models need to be trained (with all the data each user should export from it snips account before it closes ?).
  • the runtime of snips (audio server, asr, hotword, tts, …, and the packages) : that are not open source and can basically disappear tomorrow (or at least fall into obsolescence).

So : have a look to rhasspy. It has the same approach (using opensource software to build and integrate upon it), but is fully opensource (MIT licence) and not maintained by a commercial corporation but by a motivated guy. The drawback is that there are no tons of soft engineers behind and the project is not so robust… but we can change that working together !


no. the console was just a nice UI to enter and mark the data for the nlu… you can still yourself create a txt file and use the open source nlu to work… the console also provided with the assistant the ASR for the data entered

@gido We are building a console, beside many other things. And in need of web dev. Chags asked if my discord could be used to keep the community together, I agreed, so join if you feel like it


Totally true what Mantajochen writes. Obviously snips had no interest to provide open source privacy solution, but it was just to get money …
very sad

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While this is possible, it’s also possible their intentions were true but after 3 years they ran short of funding and/or there was no “killer app” that emerged. Any endeavor must remain profitable, right?
Selling, while it sucks, is often a necessary option. What blows obviously, is the parent/buying company not continuing to support the open SDK. IMO, they are being short-sighted as you never know when or from where a killer app can come.

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It isnt the point to develop the best app or just one which can do so much, as i mentioned i always wanted to try it out and when i finished building my app and downloaded it to my raspy it will remain offline, wont it? As the conaole is closing in january anyways it wouldnt be such a risk to give me your account data, you can even change the password before and after. That would be a cool move and would show how strong the community behind snips is.