Importing Intent and rename it


If could be great that when we import intent in our app that we can rename it only in our intent.

I try 3 times and every time i rename an imported intend from another app, if i rename it , the intent of the over app is rename to

when i say import it’s whit this feature :


The workaround it’s to go to the intent we want to import and export every thing and then creat and intent in our app and paste it


Hi Tariak.

First let my try to understand what you want to achieve here. What’s your use case for having a different name for the same (?) intent in a different app?

Is it an alias you’re looking for (the same intent, just known by a different name in this app), or do you want a different copy (meaning any changes you make, including the name, will not be updated in the original, and similarly, the copy will not get any updates when the original changes)?


My purpose is to made a different copy, and modify the intent with new slot, instead to create again every thing, if some intent is near what i look, copy, rename it and add what i need for my app. So i don’t modify the original intent and app.

As an exemple in jeedom app the TvChannelJeedom interest me for my app, but i need to add some slot, so copy it and modify it could be interesting without modify the original one

Do you see what i mean ?


You want three option:

  • Create new intent
  • Import existing intent
  • Create new intent from existing intent


I want create new intent form existing intent from another app
Then rename this intent and that don’t rename the intent of the orginal app


Okay got it. I’ve added it to our backlog.