Improve assistant documentation


Hello all and a happy new year,
For my part, the assistants’ documentation has been solved very unhappily.
The few word in the assistant itself is to less and I don’t want to look and search in the git every time.
Each assistant should have its own wiki page and topic in the forum.
Currently I have the feeling that everyone is asking questions and providing information somewhere and everything is very unsorted.
This is also due to the fact that in my opinion there are far too many categories and subcategories in the forum.
As example I have a question to the German weather assistant.
Should I post in the assistant, on git or create topic in the forum (where exactly)?

As a good example for documentation I like to post openhab.
There everyone can develop their own binding and make it available to the community.
But the creator opens a thread in the forum and maintains a documentation.


If this community grows (and I hope it will), there need to be more clear documentation for the parts that are provided by the community.

Just think about it. :blush:

Best regards,