Install Respeaker 2 Mics Pi Hat before or after?

Should I install the Pi Hat software before or after installing the snips app onto the RPI? Should I install it via Sam or do a manual install? Should I install the hat prior to initializing the system (i.e., new RPi, new SD card with Raspbian)?

I ask these questions because I have two snips devices running (a 3b+ and a Zero) and in both cases when I type in snips-skill-server in the LXTerminal window on the RPi and view the logging, I see an error where the Respeaker json file is not being read and therefore the led-animation code fails, though the mic/speaker portion works OK…

I now want to install using an RPi 3A+, but need to know if there may be some install sequence issue I am not aware of?

Hello @Hermesf,

Nobody answer so,
I suggest you to always install drivers first.

  1. install Raspbian and ssh
  2. update, upgrade with ssh
  3. install respeaker’s drivers with ssh
  4. sam connect “your raspberry”
  5. sam init
  6. sam setup audio
  7. sam test speaker
  8. Sam install assistant

BUT, lf you change you respeaker for exemple, you can install your respeaker and do sam setup audio… it must work .

You can find Wiki like that:

I hope it will help you,

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Thanks for taking the time to reply…seems hard to get any responses for my questions in the forum…I know it is a “community” forum, but even so in most other similar situations, a member of the host will usually pick up things that are left open…anyway…

I understand your sequence…sometimes products want to be installed first and then let the drivers occur, others - more than not, ask for drivers first then product such as you suggest here - thank you…

One question though, I assume in your sequence that I would install the mic-hat just after Step 3?

Best regards, Frank

You can install your respeaker on your raspberry,
put your SD Card with raspbian and ssh,
connect power cable and begin by 2.

It’s not a problem ! :slight_smile:
Like that, you don’t connect and disconnect the power cable.


Sweet - thanks again…Frank