Interrupt snips by saying the hotword


Hello, i have already postet this in the discord channel, but i have been told to create a post here also, so i am doing this :wink:

I often had the problem that snips missunderstood me and asks for a different slot. in this case i want to interrupt snips while it is talking by saying the hotword.
when the hotword is detected everything should be reset and snisps starts listening for a new request.
this would be an awesom feature and would make i much more usable for the end user.

i give you an example
we are trying to do for example home automation…

I am saying: “kitchen 50”
snips for example detects a audio intent and asks: “in which room should i change the volume”
since i want to change the brightness of the light, i can directly cancel snips by saying the hotword and tell snips the new sentence: “kitchen light 50”

this is just a basic example and may not really be the end user scenario.
but for my skill it often happens that snips asks for the room or doesn’t know exactly what to do.
since i often use it i already know that snips is now in a state where it doesn’t know what to do, so i just want to reset it and give it a new sentence.


How do you want Snips, or even your partner, to understand that you speak about the lights by saying that?


This is just to demonstrate the use case and not what the actual skill does.
It‘s a fact that snipy sometimes does not recognize the intent correctly and them asks what to do, and if the user noticed that it is looking for the wrong intent i must be able to reset everythin.
And the most common pattern is the reset via hotword since alexa, google and siri have this implemented.


No, the most common way is to stop by… saying cancel… And this works by default in every supported languages


If your point is to stop a long going TTS, like the result of a wikipedia query, then yes, this has been asked many times already


This can also be a use case for this behaviour.


Hi Psycho,

that’s good to know that this has been asked many times already, but could you maybe repeat the answer once again? I cannot find anything about this behaviour. I would already be happy if I could stop somehow the tts (cannot find anything about this) and restart the asr (that works) via messages (that would give me the opportunity for something like push to talk) but of course a real barge-in possibility would be way cooler :slight_smile:

Best from Berlin!



I hope that this feature will be available soon because it is a real disadvantage for SNIPS. It is more powerful and flexible than the other traditional platform as Google and Alexa but it is a pity that they can’t imitate them on this basic point, especially for a commercial product.