Introspect apps, intents, slots types... without forking


As, I guess, incoming Snips users, I created an assistant, added apps from the store like crazy, and pushed that to my dev kit.

But this is a dev kit, the goal is to understand how these apps are made to then make my own. And, as far as I know, the only way to see the full list of intent examples, how the slot are configured, or even the source code to the actions, is to fork the app.

Maybe this is how we ended up with so many clones on the store, at least the French one. It’s quite tempting to click that big “Publish” button afterwards. Maybe even newcomers think this is needed to add the app to your assistant.

Anyway, what I would want is go into an app’s details, down to even the slot type values, without having to fork every little bit of it. Especially when I look into what the community has been up to in the English store. I wouldn’t want to fork an English app into my French assistant.

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Another improvement for the store: seeing if an app is complete with actions, only brings intents (like the ones Snips published) or even just slot types to reuse.

Should there be separate stores? the app store, the intents store, etc.?