Is Jeedom still maintained?


Sorry to ask, but is Jeedom plugin still maintained ?

The last SNIPS platform update don’t report probability anymore but confidenceScore.
So all scenario that use this in Jeedom are broken.

There is also a subject on Multi Dialogue version, but still no plugin update since 7 November 2018 (Stable version)

On Gitgub, beta and master branchs have same log, from 2018-11-07

So, what is going on with SNIPS on Jeedom side ?



And here is the fix for new probability tag


Hello @KiboOst yes it is still maintained :slight_smile: Lots of things on our plate but we’ve planned to work on it in the coming weeks.


Ok thanks. With my PR, which I’ve manually edited on my stable version, I have now probability in my scenarios.