Issue on Hassio addon (ver 5.3) on NLU version model

The snips console is running with NLU version model 0.20.0 but the Snips Hassio addon (ver 5.3) is using the NLU Model version 0.19.0
How I can upgrade this model in Hassio waiting for the new addon version ?

best to ask in the Hass forum… the Hassio add-on is not created by Snips

@tschmidty I think is the person that controls this add-on

Thanks ozie.
But changing perspective …. the assistant created by the online Snips console uses the NLU Model 0.20.0; is it possible create an assistant with a previous NLU model? (for example the 0.19.0).

i don’t think so… the console is now updated, its does not downgrade