Italian language support


Hi, is there any roadmap about Italian language in Snips ? Thanks !


Great question!
In the enterprise version, italian is already supported.


as of Platform Update 1.0.2 (0.60.10) - 03/01/2018
Italian should be supported.

will test in the next days!

thanks snips!


Thank you! It works :smiley:

I’m looking forward for the support of the italian language in hassio addon (homeassistant), and it will be perfect


I tested the italian language and it looks working overall good.
Although I encountered a problem… I didn’t understand if it’s a configuration problem or an actual bug.
Dialogue manager keeps talking in english and says it cannot find a proper localisation language (Italian in this case). Is Someone facing the same problem or can lead me to the proper configuration?


Hi all,

first post so please be gentle.

I’ve looked around the net to find a tutorial to understand how to use snips in italian but without success.

I’ve create a new assistant in snips console but if I set italian as a language there’s no app available. So, how this works?

Thank you in advance


I created some apps in the italian store, when you click on add new app try to deflag the filter “Only show apps with actions”, you can see them.

Anyway the best way to use snips is create your own app for what you need :slight_smile:


Well let me disagree with this statement, before anybody are turn down by the difficulties, you are better to offer something which is working straight away, and like any kid’s toys start to dismantle it to look how it work. when you got the big picture, then you can make it your own with console app first, and then I will start to agree with you for new apps.

it’s clearly not as simple as to download an app for android store, download an app is to make actions, you should understand them (hassio, github, snipet, your own code).
learn what MQQT is about, …

Sorry my basic italian is not good enought to help with. but i do not exclude to have it in italian at he end, as my system will be deployed in Puglia.


Well, honestly I thought that when snips add new languages it means to allow to translate existing app instead of starting for scratch.


If the app is written with internalization in mind, translating it is straightforward, you don’t have to code then. For instance, have a look at my app Say it again and how it got German and French translations.

If someone wants to translate one of my apps to Italian, I’d be happy to assist.