Its alive.. now to get the ASR tuned


I bit the bullet and built a kickass cough hackintosh cough latest i7 with gigs and gigs of ram and SSD

Snips is now alive and running fast

now I have up’ed the beam_size to 20 in the toml file.

Is there any other settings to bump the ASR accuracy through the roof?? beam_size higher even??



Hello @ozie !
Increase the beam_size and the max_active jointly.
Default values are (12, 2500). If you don’t increase max_active while increasing beam_size it won’t change much.
The more you increase the tuple, the slower it gets but the better the prediction is theoretically.
Try (20, 20000) or even more :slight_smile:
But be aware, at some point, it’s gonna get really slow



hey @Garvys

ok… i think i had it set too conservatively

beam_size = 30

i will crank it up to 20,20000 and see how it goes :slight_smile: