Jeannie with housing



today i can show our “Jeannie”. Not 100% ready, but ready to show :-).

  • Raspberry PI 3
  • Matrix Voice
  • Tronsmart T6 Speaker
  • Step Down Converter
    *Wood for Housing

After all the Assistant Speaker should look like this Panasonic GA10:

The Raspberry is powered by the accu of the Tronsmart over a Step Down Converter, so i can use it out in the Garden as Musik Box and Assistant.

This time the top cover i had to do and also stainless steel applications.

Here a few Images form my working:

Right Prototype 1, left aktual Housing

Electronics, disasembles T6, step Down, Raspi with Matrix Voice

opened T6 for external Power and charging jack

Modul Panel with mounted electronics

insert the Modul Panel

acoustic material on housing

Greetings Jochen