Linking to Domoticz



I am totally new to Snips, but what I’ve read sofar looks good, and I think I will take the first step and invest in some hardware.
Meanwhile, I am interested to see if anyone has tried to link it to Domoticz.
I am using Domoticz for just about everything in my home, so adding Snips would make a difference (speach control!).
Looking forward to see your response!


I don’t have any experience with it, because I have migrated from Domoticz to Home Assistant a while ago, but my best bet would be to have a look at MQTT support in Domoticz. Snips is also using MQTT to pass messages between its various components, so it’s a natural way to link Snips and Domoticz. Have a look at how Home Assistant and Snips are integrated this way for some inspiration.


Looks like this is the way to go. I’ve already checked the MQTT capabilities in Domoticz, and that works (using a dummy test device). So we’re all set to receive Snips commands.
I also read the Home Assistant/Snips article. In my setup, I would prefer to run Snips on a dedicated R-Pi, but it would not be fundamentally different.
One question remains in the back of my mind: why did you move from Domoticz to Home Assistant? What’s the advantage/disadvantage?


Snips on a dedicated Raspberry Pi or on the same machine as Domoticz/Home Assistant isn’t that different indeed, you just have to refer to the same MQTT broker on both machines.

About my switch to Home Assistant: I have no hard data to back it up, but it seemed to me that in recent years Home Assistant has attracted a more vibrant community, faster development and a clearer vision. I kept hearing about it from various sources, so I just took the plunge and tried it, and I liked what I saw.


Yeah, that’s about the same as I read on a comparison article (OpenHAB, Home Assistant, Domoticz).
Surprisingly OpenHAB was the winner…
Having said all that, I run a Domoticz installation in two houses, with dozens of devices attached and a long lists of LUA scripts. So I think it will take a while before I am tempted to migrate to any other system…


I did a SNIPS App DomoticzLightAndScene to link with Domoticz.
Basically , once voice command is understood steps are:

  • get all switch names from a query to domoticz
  • get all scenes names from a query to domoticz
  • match with the voice command (best match with the name as in Domoticz)
  • execute command thru http Domoticz API.