Looking for an unused account

Hi, does anyone have an unused account so I can login and create and complete a snips project until 31th of January (until I can)? New registrations are not available anymore and I have found SNIPS only 2 weeks ago.


Will share an account for all, but the website is currently down, can’t change the password

This will most likely be my last contribution to the community… So let’s end up in beauty and let people have a glimpse of what snips was before it goes into oblivion:

User: fringul88@gmail.com
Password: !8y(A#3F9)QcNbzVr?G_

Do name your assistant after your nickname, you won’t be the only one using the account…

I fully trust that the password won’t be changed. If it happens, well, there’s an asshole that used the account, selffish dickhead that kept it for himself…

Fight for Snips: https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/let-snips-makers-live.html
Join Project Alice on discord: https://discord.gg/Jfcj355