Main Snips performance on Raspberry Pi vs.?


I was curious if anyone has any performance numbers running Snips on devices other than a Raspberry Pi? Other low powered hardware like a Tinkerboard or just an older PC.

My current setup on a Rpi 3B+ isn’t bad, but it’s about 2 seconds for ASR and about 3-4 seconds from the time I finish speaking to the start of the TTS.


Hello Platup,

Could you provide us with a bit more info on your setup (SD cards, power supply…) and apps you’re using?

These metrics seems abnormally low for a PI3


I’m traveling and can’t physically check at the moment, but if memory serves.
It’s an RPi 3B+, running Raspbian Stretch, everything should be up to date.
The SD is a Samsung EVO+ 32gig and the power supply is either 3 or 3.5 mA.
The app I’m testing with is a simple what time is it app. So it’s running a local script and should be quick.
I’ve also tested against some HASS intents I’ve setup and the action is pretty fast, it seems to be the TTS that is slow. In fact, some times it will perform the intent, but the response speech just fails to play because the TTS timed out.
I’ve used both the snips-makers-tts and Physco’s TTS with the mycroft voice. There are slight performance differences, even going back to just Pico, but none seem to be absolute night and day.

Once I get home and have time to play again, I was going to try and cut the responses to a simple “ok” to see if that appears to make a huge difference for my HASS intents. Currently my responses are like “Turning on the living room lights” or “setting a 30 minute sleep timer on the bedroom tv”.