Makers Festival 2018 by Product Hunt


DEADLINE TO SIGN UP: 11pm on Sunday 18th November.

This year Product Hunt’s 2018 hackathon is a Makers Festival , welcoming all types of makers to build together. It’s a chance to connect with other makers to solve interesting problems, challenge yourselves to create something from scratch, and win a kitty award :wink:

Who is Makers Festival for?

Makers Festival is for everyone! Not just coders. All types of Makers and Creators are welcome to participate: Designers, photographers, illustrators, artists, writers, videographers, etc.

What can you make?

You can make anything — it doesn’t have to be an app, bot or website. It might be an e-book, interview series, photography collection, a painting, a song, etc.


  • There’s no restriction on team size
  • All participants must sign up here
  • All participants must complete all three assignments (Project page, Upcoming page and Medium post)
  • All participants must complete their submission form by November 24 at 11pm PST
  • Winners will be chosen by the Product Hunt community with our team’s input, and the winners will be announced on November 26 right here in the Product Hunt newsletter :raised_hands:
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