Making SNIPS talk from Domoticz

Hello guys,

I was wondering how to make SNIPS talk when performing some actions on my domoticz (on the same network).
My guess is to subscribe to the SNIPS MQTT but I don’t know which topic I should adress to make SNIPS speaks the message.
Is anyone able to help me with that? tells you which topic and what content the json needs. If you just want snips to say something without further interaction you can start a session as a notification. This way you can make snips say something on a specified site.
Best regards Johannes

Many thanks Johannes :slight_smile:

I ended up with this command line:
sudo mosquitto_pub -h -p 1883 -t ‘hermes/dialogueManager/startSession’ -m ‘{“type”:“notification”,“text”: “Hello from the base!”}’

but somehow it doesn’t do anything…
Not sure of what I’m doing wrong there.

Ok finally get it to work with the following :
sudo mosquitto_pub -h -p 1883 -t ‘hermes/tts/say’ -m ‘{“siteId”: “default”,“type”: “notification”,“text”: “test”}’

simpler, more efficient :slight_smile:

The dialogue manager is the recommended way, Hermes tts is the old low level way :blush: I think it has to be init not text as a key In the dialogue json. But I’m not home right now so I can’t look it up.

Hum ok I see :slight_smile:
If ever you are able to give me the right synthax it will be more than welcomed :wink:

Funny fact : adressing directly the “say” topic snips Is talking in english !! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
So I’m not donne with that and the élégant Way will be needed :wink:

This is an example json from my code that works:

{"siteId":"livingroom","init":{"type":"notification","text":"Es ist 17 Uhr 57"}}

Many thanks!!! it works just fine :slight_smile:

So happy to be able to make my snips starting some interactions or anouncing what domoticz is doing :slight_smile:
That put the combo to another level!