Male voice for TTS


Is it possible to have a male voice for the TTS service without using Google/Amazon?

It is strange to say “Jarvis” and ear a female voice… “Friday” would be more appropriate :wink:


You can use Mycroft as offline TTS SnipsSuperTTS, one script to rule them all

Thanks @ozie and @Psycho . You guys rock!

up this topic as other languages than English are still not able to have an offline male voice for SNIPS!!!

Please!!! Let some .flitevox files or any other way to let us have another voice on our assistant :slight_smile:

you can install your own offline tts… there are many more out there… and then in the snips.toml file you just set the TTS options to use that

Indeed but my problem is to find a french .flitevox file to do so.
Desperately looking for it as I have mimic up and running but only in english :frowning: