Manual deployment : Could not find any snippets directory


I’ve checked several threads but they didnt helped me.
Deploy a skill from scratch
Problems with manual deployment

My goal: * Deploy everything manually without SAM Link to guide

Problem: snips-template render gives me back:
I have no app in my /usr/share/snips folder, because of that. folder

thanks for your help.

type in terminal snips-skill-server --help for more information

I use snips-skill-server install_skills to install skills

also in the terminal snips-skill-server install_skills --help for more information
because with this I also sometimes use snips-skill-server install_skills -clean so it cleans all existing skills before installing

Thanks @ozie, but this does not solve my problem:


I have still just assistant and snips-actions-template folder in /usr/share/snips.

log says install done…

run snips-skill-server -vvv and see what it loads up

Unfortunately, snips-skill-server -vvv does not help, because there is only the test app snips-skill-weather-tts installed and found. I have installed this app previously.

The custom wake word or “Hey Snips” does not work neither.