Manual Install of Skills

Complete re ask of the question as I was following the wrong steps.

Is there a way to manually install Skills (without Sam) that don’t have a Github page without having to re-deploy the entire assistant?

You can install skills with the snips-skill-server

snips-skill-server install_skills

I had problems with the snips-skill-server therfore i use a little script.
After installing the skills you may have to manualy change the config.ini files inside the downloaded skill folders

I tried that I I got errors regarding not having permission to Pip cache, followed by an error saying that config.ini could not be created.
I’ve also had and error where the venv/bin/activate file is not created.

I thought I was missing something.

I had the same problems with the skill-server. Did you tried the script?

The script is missing a step. At line 9, insert:

snips-template render

Without that, the skills mentioned by the OP won’t be created properly.

You are right i updated that script. I totaly missed that the OP mentioned skills without github pages.

tried the script, I will have to give it a test and let you know.