Message when no intent is detected

I’m doing a project with Snips on Android and a Raspberry Pi and I have a question about the use of Snips sessions. I would like that in a part of my project if no command is detected (I have previously created a session) send me a certain message. Is there any way to send it?
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I’ve seen what could be done with an IntentNotRecognized (I guess this also controls empty answers).
First, I subscribed to the topic ‘hermes/nlu/intentNotRecognized’ and I controlled its functionality with a method.
Second, I turned on the session_send_intent_not_recognized flag at the start of a session.
And third, I tested it with a phrase that doesn’t correspond to one of the allowed intents, but I didn’t skip the IntentNotRecognized, it just returned an empty string ("").

How should I use it to detect it correctly?

use the dialog API for session ended

look at the info for Session Termination Type - intentNotRecognized : the session ended because no intent was successfully detected

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I’ve seen this before, but I didn’t know how to use it for my own purposes, how can I send the message? If it’s not a inconvenience, you could explain it to me with an example code.

Thank you for the answer

you can’t… the system works out the intent is not recognised and you receive the message about it… what you do with the message is up to you