Microphone disabled on boot


I have been having trouble with connecting to WiFi. I finally got a wpa_supplicant.conf file created and recognized. Now, every time I turn off the board (a Snips Base Kit), there is no output to the speaker from my app where it used to work consistently when I connected to the board via the Ethernet port. I do a Sam Test Microphone, and it records and plays my input. Once this is done, the mic and speaker responds to my app. If I do the Sam test speaker, the test audio plays, but no response to the speaker by my app. I need the device to accept the mic input on boot as before. Suggestions?


Cedox helped me to solve this problem, it is a concern between asound and pulseAudio, because if I understand correctly Asound is not a multicast driver, there is a problem of conflict between the various audio drivers


Thanks, I didn’t think I was calling anything but the standard sound driver for TTS. How do you tell which is getting called, and how to stop one or the other? Why would having the WiFi enabled cause a different sound driver to be called? What driver gets put into place when you run Sam test microphone? I need to make sure that every time the board boots up, it has the correct sound driver. Calling Sam test microphone on every boot just isn’t an option.


I would have liked to help you but it was cedcox who intervened on my rapberry pi3 to solve this problem and I am not enough with rapbian to correct problems in the settings of the drivers …
Cedcox also has to worry about timing, so that its solution is stable after a reboot


Thanks. I have looked at posts by Cedcox in order to find some further clues. One post indicates asound.conf goes missing or needs editing. Surprisingly, this morning I booted up the board and the speaker worked properly in response to the app (just after I confirmed that the asound.conf file was, in fact in the etc folder). I’ve rebooted (both switching the power off/on and using Sam to reboot) since, but there is no sound until I do a Sam Test Microphone. I’d be really happy if someone knows what is being reset by Sam Test Microphone.