Missing slots with downloaded nlu engine using snips_nlu


I’ve created an assistant via console, and downloaded it. When I test the queries via console, it returns the right slots, however, when I load the downloaded assistant, it gets the intents right, but misses most of the slots for the same queries tested in console.

Am I missing something? When loading via from_path(), I point to the assistant’s nlu_engine folder.

from snips_nlu import SnipsNLUEngine
import sys
import json

def main(argv):
    nlu_engine = SnipsNLUEngine.from_path(argv[1])

        while True:
            text = input('> ')
            parsing = nlu_engine.parse(text)
            print(json.dumps(parsing, indent=2))
    except KeyboardInterrupt:

if __name__ == '__main__':