Mocking the IntentMessage in Python


Hi everybody,

I am trying to make a new App - but I would like to test everything.

Is there an easy way to mock IntentMessage?

How do you write tests?




You can use MqttSpy, it’s free and easy to send hand crafted mqtt messages


Thank you @Psycho!

I have ended up testing with the original classes used in here.

custom_slot_value = hermes_python.ontology.dialogue.CustomValue("2019-05-17 00:00:00 +00:00")
slot_value = hermes_python.ontology.dialogue.SlotValue(1, custom_slot_value)
nlu_slot = hermes_python.ontology.dialogue.NluSlot(0.8, slot_value, custom_slot_value.value, "snips/datetime", "forecast_start_date_time",20, 26)
slots_list = hermes_python.ontology.dialogue.SlotsList()
slot_map = dict([(nlu_slot.slot_name, slots_list)])
slots = hermes_python.ontology.dialogue.SlotMap(slot_map)

intentMessage = hermes_python.ontology.dialogue.IntentMessage("session_id", "", "site_id", "input", "testIntent", slots)
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