Model not retrieved from toml file


Maybe I am being stupid but having read the instructions for creating a personal wake word model (which works admirably when using “snips-hotword --model etc”) I transferred the model to the /etc/snips folder and then added the model in the snips.toml file as below.
model = ["/etc/snips/personal_2019_01_17T13_36_11=0.5]"

I assumed that this would replace the “hey snips” wake word for the weather assistant I have installed but no. I still only get a response to “Hey snips” as if the toml is not being read.
Anyone got any suggestions or have I just missed an important principle regarding how this all works.


Just noticed I had the bracket on the wrong side of the quote but makes no difference


Further information:
The snips.toml file does appear to be being read read because when I put a # in front of the model line the hotword reverts to “Hey Snips” and the snips-hotword service shows as running.
If i remove the # in front of model = ["/etc/snips/personal_2019_01_17T13_36_11=0.5"] then the sam status shows the snips-hotword as NOT running and no hotword is being listened for!


Did you find a way to solve your probel? if not, could you share the output of runnning snips-hotword -v ?