Multi-turn dialog for Jeedom


Hi, @coorfang, @valf, we spoke at the beginning of the Jeedom Assitant/Plugin story of a feature that would really strengthen the interaction with the assistant, which is the multi-turn dialog. I know you made quite a lot of work so far, including support of multiple slot values, did you have further thinking/work in this multi-turn dialog support :grin:?


Hi Cecece,

We will support this in the next release(Within 1-2 week.). The previous release was focusing on implement multi-slots value.


@Cecece What specifically were you guys asking for? Interested in enhancing multi turn dialog myself.


Hi @tschmidty, @valf and @coorfang have developped a Snips Jeedom assistant and a Jeedom plugin to enable piloting home automation by the voice. Currently anytime we need to ask Jeedom to perform an action, we have to go through the hotword and then ask what we need, which is already working very fine. But often you would like to continue the dialogue with your assistant to perform a series of actions without getting back to the hotword detection. Only somekind of keyword as β€œMerci” would end the dialogue. That would be basically what would be expected for the integration of the multi-turn dialog with Jeedom