Multiple Assistants to Install

I guess it is not possible, but I like to have a confirmation. Is it not possible to have multiple assistants installed? I’m trying to create a voice command for my house and would like to break it down by rooms. So I have an assistant for living room, another assistant for masterbedroom etc… I think its neater that way than to cramp everything under 1 assistant.

So is it possible to have multiple assistants installed?


Nope, it’s not. The idea is to have a satellite per room and a main unit

Thanks Psycho for the confirmation.

Putting the question differently:

I’m creating a plugin for an open source smart home system. By default it will come with the assistant I’ve trained to toggle devices and tel you about the state of sensors, that sort of thing.

I could imagine that users would like to add additional snips skills, and not be dependent on what I have selected for them when I created the plugin.

How can I give users that freedom?

Two solutions: Do not share the assistant but share the skills so people make their own assistants. Or you’ll need to code an on-the-fly assistant creation which is what we do at Project Alice, but believe me, it’s very high level and unfortunately we don’t share until release. But it’s doable