Multiple named Timers


it would nice to have an App with multiple timers. Like "hey snips. create a timer with 7 minutes named “egg”. and another who runs at same time: “hey snips, make a bread timer about 10 minutes”.

After the time, snips should give an alarm like: “bred timer is ready”. Or “egg timer is run down”.


The biggest problem for me is at the moment the name of the timer: You would need a “general word” slot that includes everything you can think of for a timer name.

Or: you indeed use some general ASR like google for the name detection or the spelling injection by Psycho…


Hi Philip, thanks for your answer. ok. I understand. I have not thought about this. Then we can perhaps pre train the most needed names liek egg, microwave, bread and so on. I can do this. And put the name of the timer in a slot. Better than nothing :slight_smile:


We are working on such an app :wink:


Great News! Any Release Date?


No ETA at the moment but will ping you when released :slight_smile: