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Been quite some time I haven’t written again. Well, plenty to do and done a lot.

Using assistants at home is really really helpfull nowadays, everything is connected and it’s just awesome to be able to ask your lights to change, your shutters to close etc.

Snips is awesome! But for those using it also, you surely had many false hotword detection. At least I have many while watching TV. It just activates too much! Or maybe you have friends at home and you want to turn it off? Snips is local, so no worries about data privacy, but still, you don’t want your assistant to react on those foreign voices.

I built my satellites for Snips and in the design phase I thought it would be good to include captors and sensors, even with no use idea yet. This is why I built in a APDS9960 and a BME680. The first one is a color, proximity, gesture and light sensor. The second one is a temperature, pressure, humidity, gas sensor.

The second one is clearly in full use, to make sure mon windows and shutters behave nicely and assure me a fresh but not cold house.

But the first one? Well, it wasn’t in use at all. But I finally had an idea for the proximity sensor! Introducing Mute! Enjoy!

The leds are Neopixels, also by Adafruit, driven directly from the raspberry pi zero.

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Amazing work Psycho!


Again, great work @Psycho!


Great work, Psycho! Keep it going!


Nice concept, it’s super smooth and polished !