Mute my TV when hotword is recognized

Hi there,

i am having a big wish for my snips. For me the hotword detection with “Hey Snips” works very reliable, even in noisy environments. But if it is noisy, i have lots of trouble that Snips does not recognize the actual intent. If i ask e.g. “Hey Snips” … “switch the kitchen light on”, it happens very often that Hey Snips is recognized but the command is not and i just get back an error.

For me it would be brilliant, if i can mute my TV when the hotword is detected and unmute it after the command has been received.

Any ideas, how to get this working?


If you have something like a logi harmony hub you could achieve this very easily over nodered. Just create a flow that subscribes to the hotword detected hermes topic on mqtt and than a harmony node to send the mute and after a timer unmute command to you TV. Nodered is great and easy to learn for cross platform integration like this.

Interesting topic :slight_smile:

Any chance to be able to do it by only sbscribing to MQTT topic?
I’ve seen that it is possible to check wake word detection : hermes/hotword/<WAKEWORD_ID>/detected
(ref here :

Not sure which topic is informing the end of sound capture then…
My guess would be to sbscribe to “hermes/asr/textCaptured” and when something is published then it means the capture is ended (and therefore sound turned on again :slight_smile: )

Or maybe “hermes/tts/sayFinished” (here : that will somehow notify of end of snips answer.

Other solution might be :

or even :

pleinty of solutions to get there through MQTT I think.
Sorry it is a little bit messy and random…

Maybe a suggestion on how to do it the best way?

Anyhwo I’m not sure on how coding that into python or whatever :slight_smile:

Ok looking a little bit more into it, I would go for a detection of all Wake word for muting and a detection of the end of ASR text capture for unmuting.
That would match with a subscirption to following topics :
‘hermes/hotword/#/detected’ (using the # wildcard to get all the wake words)

I owuld need some help regarding the subscirption to those topics in an
Usually I have something like this :

if name == “main”:
mqtt_opts = MqttOptions()
with Hermes(mqtt_options=mqtt_opts) as h:

Is a command like that would work:

Not sure of what I’m doing there and even less about typo… or is that absolutely nonsense?
It owuld be weird to have “intent_callback” in that, but on another hand I don’t know how to handle a link to some function in the code without a call through “intent_callback”…
Defenetely not a coding guy :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hey there,

actually i found a way to get the trick done with the snips App FHEM from Thyraz. Actually FHEM is an open source smarthome solution: the FHEM UI has a low WAF (woman acceptance factor) but besides that it works very well and i really like FHEM, cause it integrates very nicely with many smarthome products and also with MQTT.

Using this App and FHEM it is just a one liner as the App as such detects already when snips is listening. In case somebody is interested i can share the details.


Good for you :slight_smile:

On my side I achieved that with a little python script that monitor “hermes/hotword/default/detected” and “hermes/asr/textCaptured” topics and send a mute and unmute on messages posted on those topics :slight_smile:

that’s avoiding another interface/program to handle all that ( already dealing with SNIPS and Domoticz interface at the moment :wink: )
So i’m done with that!
Tested and approved yesterday evening, getting the WAF agreement :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


@Loky31 Hey, maybe it is even better to take hermes/dialogue/sessionEnded instead of hermes/asr/textCaptured, because then you would here the answers from apps and after that the TV will mute again.

Hello @atomix,

I’ve tried that but for some reason it seems that the ‘hermes/dialogue/sessionEnded’ is not working …

I really have no clue for what reason it works just fine with the ‘hermes/asr/textCaptured’ (it detects messages) and not with the other topic…

Ok found why :slight_smile:

The right topic is ’ hermes/dialogueManager/sessionEnded’


And yeah works good :v:

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is there a guide on how to do this?

Hum it will depend on how you set the mute to your TV :slight_smile:

On my side it’s handled through Domoticz. I can imagine that some TV have direct command to do so.

i am using home assistant, when i subscribe to “hermes/hotword/default/detected” this is what appears, what payload would i use?

Ok, then you are able to know on home assitant side when the hotword is detected. So then trigger a script, a command or what is needed (a dummy switch?) to mute your TV.

It doesn’t trigger the automation when i say the hotword thru the rpi, Here is a sample of my automation:

but when i run it thru a script, everything works fine.

After some trial and error I made it work! here is my final setting in automation.yaml